Joseph Hey Tim is an awesome visual designer, focused on improving the digital realm. If you’re looking for a source of design inspiration, you’re in the right place. His amazing scroll animations seamlessly pull you into his portfolio for a super satisfying experience. The hover interactions on his works page are so much fun to play around with, enjoy and learn.

Hey is a self-proclaimed Webflow nerd and has been contributing to the Web Industry for years. He’s the author of some in-depth and amazingly informative blogs, and the creator and designer of some dazzling websites that need to be seen to be believed. When the Webflow team hears that Hey is updating his personal portfolio, we sit collectively on the edge of our seats and await the finished product. His work is a testament to his mastery of Webflow.

It can be tricky to design unusual interactive elements that are intuitive, but Hey does this perfectly. As you scroll through his impeccably executed one-page portfolio, you’ll take a journey with a single line that alters upon scroll. Hey tells us a bit about himself and showcases his best work. And by linking directly to the sites he’s produced, Hey lets his work speak for itself. 

They’re also really effective at drawing us further into his portfolio to discover other possible surprises and features he’s included. The case study pages are also a delight, with a mixture of thoughtful copy and more fantastic interactions showcasing his work.

A seasoned creative director, Joseph Hey Tim creates holistic design solutions, which is reflected strongly in his unique design portfolio. Increasingly popular but still rare enough to be a fun surprise, the circular cursor that expands on hover is a great touch to an already fantastic experience. Delightful and memorable!

It’s immediately obvious that Hey is an amazing designer, and scrolling through his projects solidifies this hunch.





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